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Mission Statement

Providing Kingdom-minded resources for detransitioners, with the ultimate goal of fully redeeming their lives through the transformative power of Jesus Christ.

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Meet Sophia, Founder
At 17 years old, Sophia, born female, made the decision to transition and become a man. She was led to believe that this would alleviate her gender dysphoria, which she since has realized was a result of deep trauma. But after two years of cross-sex hormone replacement therapy from the age of 18, and a double mastectomy at age 19, she realized at 20 that her life was left severely worse than before. After deciding to detransition, she found no resources to help aid in her in the tumultuous process. So after a year of attempting to move forward in the little strength she had, she ultimately surrendered her life to the Lord. Through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, she has been able to experience true redemption and healing in a way she never could have dreamed possible. So her goal in establishing this organization, is to help other detransitioners actualize this same redemptive power within their own lives, all to the glory of God. She understands from personal experience, that true redemption of a life can only be found through Jesus Christ.
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Watch Sophia's Full Testimony Here:

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