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  • What is a detransitioner?
    A “detransitioner” is someone who identified as transgender– who now no longer does– that previously underwent medical intervention. A “desister” is also someone who no longer identifies as transgender, but did not undergo any medical treatment.  Both detransitioners and desisters have typically “socially transitioned” for long periods of time. This means they publicly presented as their transgender identity in their families, communities, or workplaces.  The process of detransitioning is different for everyone. In many cases, people can’t immediately stop taking cross-sex hormones for safety reasons. It is also not always possible to suddenly change how you present socially. Wherever you are in your journey, we are here to offer support, advice, and encouragement.  At Rainbow Redemption Project we aim to serve both detransitioners, desisters, and any individuals who are questioning their own gender identity. We have a diverse community of people who have transitioned (socially and/or physically) that now find their true identities in Jesus Christ.
  • Why are we a Christ-based organization?
    We believe that Jesus is Lord and only by Him can true healing and redemption can be manifested in a person's life. Because of our beliefs, many of us have been met with undue prejudice in both Christian and detransitioner’s spaces.  Within the ex-transgender community, many people view Christianity as just another “cult.” As a result, we find ourselves mostly unwelcome and uninvited in detransitioner spaces. When we are invited, we often have to avoid mentioning our faith. But our faith in God is the very reason we are alive today. Our experiences with secular resources for gender dysphoria only served as coping mechanisms. What we really sought after was true healing, which we have received ONLY through an intimate relationship Jesus Christ. Our organization also aims to ensure that detransitioners can build a relationship with Christ in an understanding community. Some of us have found it challenging to find a church home that is sensitive to our personal experiences. Many of us have felt coerced into rushing the detransition process, and have faced inordinate judgment from other Christians. Rainbow Redemption Project’s ultimate goal is to build a network of community, resources, and advocacy for detransitioners seeking to build their relationship with Christ. This way, detransitioners can receive the support they need, in a safe environment, where they are able to speak freely about the very God who freed them.
  • Do we practice conversion therapy?
    Rainbow Redemption Project does not support the practice of “conversion therapy,” nor do we believe it can even lead to experiencing freedom from gender dysphoria. Conversion therapy implies a method of surpressing and denying one’s “true” feelings. Nothing could be further from the truth. By realizing our identities through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, those very feelings have been uprooted from us. We do not live a life of constant shame and denial towards gender dysphoria or same-sex attraction. It is the revelation of God’s existence that reshaped our inner beings instead. In hindsight, we now consider the “gender affirming” medical practices that many of us have undergone– such as puberty blockers, hormonal replacement, and surgeries– to be conversion therapy themselves. These treatments separated us from the way we were born to convert us into something we are not. We now believe encouraging people to embrace their natural selves, male or female, to be the truest form of gender affirmation. As former members of the LGBTQ community, we are deeply empathetic to the religious trauma caused by people that claim belief in Christ. Many have experienced abuse, neglect, and condemnation– instead of a revelation of God’s passionate love. They have been turned to ungodly forms of “conversion therapy,” bullying, and isolation from a community that should be demonstrating love. If you have experienced this personally, we are so sorry and genuinely understand your apprehension towards faith in God. We welcome you to reach out, share your story, and ask us any questions that you may have.
  • I’m a detransitioner, desister, or struggling with gender dysphoria, how can I connect with Rainbow Redemption Project?
    If you are a detransitioner, desister, or someone currently questioning your own gender identity– we would love to serve you. You should also check out our “Detransitioners” page, where we share more in-depth information about resources available here at Rainbow Redemption Project. Please feel welcome to reach out to us as well, by filling out our contact form and selecting “Detransitioners.”
  • I’m a loved one (parent, family member, or friend) of a transgender individual. How can I reach out to you for advice?
    Rainbow Redemption Project does not currently offer direct consultation to parents, friends, or family members of transgender-identified indvidiuals. However, we do have a page dedicated to sharing Christ-centered encouragement for loved ones here.
  • Where can I donate?
    We are currently accepting donations through GiveSendGo, please click here to be directed to our donation page. If you need assistance processing a donation, or an alternative to GiveSendGo, please contact us. As a 501c(3) nonprofit, all giving is tax-deductible.
  • How can I partner with the Rainbow Redemption Project?
    As a newly found organization, we do not currently partner with other ministries or churches at this time. Please feel welcome to reach out to us with specific comments or questions through our contact form. We will hold onto your information for when we are ready to start partnerships in the future.
  • How can I receive updates?
    You can subscribe to our email list by going to our home page, and clicking the subscribe button located under the mission statament. After submitting the form, you will receive regular updates including news, blog posts, and ways to support our ministry. Thank you for your interest in staying up to date with the Rainbow Redemption Project!
  • How can I contact Rainbow Redemption Project?
    You can contact us by filling out our contact form here. Please be sure to select the correct form options to make sure we can get back to you as soon as possible!  We will try to respond within 24-48 hours. We are currently experiencing a very high volume emails and are working our way through each and every inquiry. Please be assured that your email matters to us, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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